Saluting All Our First Responders!

Military and First Responders..   they are your neighbors, your friends, they are those that run into danger rather than away.  Military, Police Officers, Firefighters, Paramedics, … the unsung heroes that put their own lives on the line to ensure our safety.   92.1 The WOLF salutes you!   Take a moment and tell us about your “Military and First Responder!  Once submitted upon approval they will will be posted to our Military and First Responder Wall of Fame!

First Responders must be trained to deal with a wide array of potential medical emergencies. Because of the high level of stress and uncertainty associated with the position, first responders must maintain physical and mental health.  92.1 The WOLF says thank you!   Every month we pick a Hometown hero / First Responder  who receives a $50 Gift Card to “Pasta’s On The Green” and $50 Gift Card to “Potters Pub” in Baldwinsville!

Read about our Hometown Hero’s Below

Michael Garvin – Firefighter United Sates Airforce – Sandy Creek

  • Stationed 5 states away from home in Charleston, SC is where A1C Michael Garvin lives. Joint Base Charleston has been his home for a little over a year. Since September 5, 2017 Michael has strived to be the best Firefighter & Airmen he can possibly be; a dream he has had since he could walk. While on a call in the blistering sun one day, he took action when he noticed a man unable to breathe & gave him CPR that virtually saved his life. Michael was awarded with the Commanders Coin for his service as a First Responder & saving the life of a man he didn’t even know. I, along with everyone else in our small town, is incredibly proud of him & pray for him daily. On July 28, he will be leaving on his first deployment to Africa. Thank you, Michael, for everything you do for this country. It’s been a blessing watching you through your journey.

Emily Paternoster


Joseph Taylor IV – Oswego County Sheriffs Deputy – Pulaski Police Department

  • I would like to nominate and salute my husband, Joe Taylor, who is a deputy for the Oswego County Sheriff’s Department, and who also works part time at Pulaski Police Department. Not only is he extremely dedicated and passionate about his job, but he is a light to all he meets. He serves his community with dignity, empathy, and passion. He is the hardest worker I know, and is constantly putting the needs of others before his own. Joe loves what he does, and this shows every shift! He is a source of pride for myself, and our family every single day. Thank you Joe for all you have done, and continue to do for others. You are a true “blue”, and we love you so much.

Katelyn Taylor


Jamey Locastro – Central Square Police Department

  • I’d like to nominate my husband Jamey Locastro. After serving 24 years with the City of Syracuse Police Dept. Jamey retired to take a job with the Central Square Police Department to become a Special Patrol officer seving the Central Square school district. He loves working with the students and teachers at the high school and started “Donut with a Cop” fridays, greeting the students every friday morning with donuts as they get off the busses to go into school. He truely loves what he does. He’s also an amazing husband, father, stepfather and grandfather.

Kim Locastro


Casey Daugard – North Syracuse Fire Dept – Deputy Chief

  • Casey has been in the NSFD for over 31 years. He has been an EMT, Lt, Capt, Assistant Chief and is currently the Deputy Chief. He has also gone above and beyond for the Village of North Syracuse and the adjoining towns and villages. He is constantly getting up in the middle of the night to go on all types of calls. He is truly my hero, along with my boys. Because of him my oldest son wants to be a fire fighter. I want to nominate Casey because he is my best friend, my husband and my everything and the true meaning of the word hero.  ~Shelly Daugard

North Syracuse Fire


Frederick W Strowbridge

I would like to salute my father Frederick W. Strowbridge. He served in Vietnam, I am and always was proud of him. It just been in recent years that Americans have started to appreciate our Vietnam Vets!  – Anne Marie Lee

United States Army

Paul Smith

Our family is very proud of Paul Smith! He recently joined the Air Force National Guard. He passed his State EMT Certification this past spring after training with the North Syracuse Volunteer Ambulance for two years. He started with Moyers Corner Fire Department with their Explorer program. He is currently a Firefighter/EMT with MCFD House 2. – Penny Dugas

Air Force National Guard – Fire Fighter

Chris L Jones

I salute Chris Jones from the Madison County Sheriff’s Office. He is not only a Deputy all day but the best dad to all four of our children. He also is a member of the Madison County Special Operation Unit. He is very dedicated to his career of keeping our community safe and also dedicated to his family. Thank you for all you do for not only our community but our family too! ~ Julie Roache

Sheriffs Deputy

Hilary Karlik

I would like to salute my girlfriend, Hilary Karlik. She’s a Specilast (E-4) in the Army Reserve and a paramedic with Auburn City Ambulance. She’s as tough as they come with compassion to spare. She’s my hero. ~ Matthew Jetty

Army Reserve –  Auburn City Ambulance

Jeff Bailer

With over 30 years of dedicated volunteer service as an EMT and firefighter with his fire department and various ambulance agencies that he has worked with, I would just like to thank him. Only a special group of people can do what they do and see what they see in a multitude of situations. I truly appreciate and understand all of the time away from his family to help others. ~ Shelley Bailer

Amber Fire Department

Carmen Mallaro

I would like to salute my Brother, Carmen Mallaro. He joined the Mattydale Fire Department when he was 16, and is still in it at the age of 51. He has never gotten paid, and has given his time, and many hours to the people in the community, helping them when they are in distress, whether it be a domestic call, fire, or whatever is happening in the neighborhood. He continuously helps family, friends, and even strangers who are in need, anytime of the day or at night. He works full time, and a part-time job, yet stills finds the time to volunteer his own personal time to help others. It’s just the kind of guy he is. He had always wanted to be a fireman since the time we were little. He sais he was going to join the fire department to save lives, and to help people who are sick, or in need of any kind of help physically or mentally. I think he deserves a night on the town! He works hard, and helps everyone in town, now it’s his turn to get a break, and have some fun! ~ Thank You, Beth Mallaro

Mattydale Fire Department

Tyler Williams

Thank you for your service and all that you do for the Cortland City Police Department Patrol Officer Tyler Williams! ~ Ashley Sheldon

Police Officer

Officer Hanks

Officer Hank responded to my house for an emergency call for my Stepdaughter. Who had called me stating that she was having suicidal thoughts. Officer Hanks arrived before I could and kept her calm till I arrived. His compassion, patience and understanding made feel better and more comfortable. His great sense of humor made a hard situation a lot more easy to handle. Thank you Officer Hanks and may God bless you and your family!!! ~ Christopher Prindle

Syracuse Police Department

Henry Landers

I salute my father, Henry for all that he does in helping others. He is my hero and has put his all into helping the community. I love you dad! ~ Jessica Miller

Fire Department Ambulance


Lineman are often overlooked when it comes to being first responders. We are usually done of the first ones on the scene and often last to leave. Sent over seas, across the United States and sometimes over seas. I myself have flown from the way coast to the West coast and vice versa just to put people back in power. After hurricanes we are the first ones there. I flew to the Virgin Islands to assist and had friends that went to Puerto Rico. So I’m nominating all my fellow brothers in the IBEW that will and have missed holiday functions, there kids birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to help restore power so families can enjoy the holidays with there families and have heat to stay warm. It’s one of the most dangerous careers or there and many have lost there lives to turn the power on and many take it for granted that it’s just a flip of the switch and that it’s not. ~ Jon Jansen

Journeyman lineman

Brandon Messer

Brandon, thank you for all you do. I couldn’t be anymore proud of you. I’m so proud to be your girlfriend❤️ Keep kicking ass babe!! Mattydale, is so lucky to have such a dedicated firemen like you! ~ Erica Ward

Mattydale Fire Department

Kyle Cashel

Kyle Cashel of Canastota is a Firefighter /EMT -Lincoln Fire Dept, .AEMT-CC at Vineall Ambulance ,AEMT-CC at SEVAC, AEMT-CC and Director of Operations at Greater Lenox Ambulance Service …also works a full time job at Crouse Health. As you can see devotes his life to helping others. I have personally known Kyle for many years and he is the kindest most helpful person I know. He assisted me for numerous years putting on a childrens dance recital. Not only was he a spectacular lights and sound tech. , he offered love, support and encouragement to the hundreds of children that participated. They all looked s forward to feeling his love back stage before they went on. Knowing he was cheering for them the whole time. He has always been a rock to me, my GO-TO guy. And I always knew not to worry because he would find a way to help me. That is a pretty awesome comfort that I have, by having him as a friend. He is not just a friend, he is “family” to me. An “uncle” to my kids. He helped me when I had some of the most challenging times in my life and I am forever grateful. I know I am not the only one that feels this way about this amazing person. Always there to help no matter the situation. He gives up most all of his holidays and weekends to work at these places. I know I sleep better at night having the comfort of knowing he is out there. He is selfless and deserves to be recognized for his devotion to all. So please consider honoring this man, it’s the least I can do. For, I have had the honor of calling him my friend / family ❤ ~ Daphne Devine

Fire Dept and Ambulance

Justin and Joshua Hildreth

I would like to nominate my twin sons for their brave call to help others. They have both been volunteers since they were 14 and in the explorer post. Nine years later both are serving as Lieutenants. I couldn’t be more proud of them for all their hard work and dedication. What they do scares me, but the thought that they can be the one to help someone in need is very reassuring. ~ Jayme Hildreth

Moyers Corners Fire Dept

Anthony Alessandrello

I would like to salute Anthony Alessandrello with the Minoa Fire Dept. He has been a volunteer fireman for 9 years. Recently, promoted to Lieutenant. He lives each and everyday helping others. It doesn’t matter if he is fighting fires or helping someone in a parking lot. He was born with a heart of gold with compassion for others. He follows in the footsteps of his father who was also in the Minoa FireDept until he past away when Anthony was just 4 years of each. If you ask him what is his greatest accomplishment he will tell you making my Dad proud of me! If anyone deserves to be saluted it’s this 28 year old young man! All who know him are touched by everything he does. We want to recognize him not just today but everyday! ~ Shiela Dimkos

Minoa Fire Dept

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