Skip Clark

Syracuse is my home.  This is where my family is and this is where I belong. As 92.1 The WOLF’s Program Director/Music Director I am blessed to work with some of the best people in the world. I live in North Syracuse with my wife Nancy. I have 3 beautiful grown daughters, and a son Zachary who is Down syndrome and 2 awesome dogs, Miley and Nike. I am a Life/Honorary member of the Fairmount Fire dept. I am called upon to MC many events. Nashville and Country music is my second love after my family. Some of my hobbies include electronics, computers, and music. Love making your ride home the best it can be… Love being in Nashville and working alongside many of today’s country artists. A big thank you for the listeners every afternoon during this very difficult time, working from home etc. ! Love you all! I am not stopping just wanted to say thanks! Thank you!

Join me every afternoon for the Dad Joke of the Day at 5:35ish, also, giving shout outs to those who are helping to form the glue that keeps us together with an occasional Elbow Bump of the Day and of course lot’s feel good stories all afternoon!  Check out SkiP HappEns Podcast, subscribe to my youtube page here.

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