Titanic Remembrance Day

How about some Titantic trivia? Let’s see how you do…

1. At approximately what time did the Titanic sink on April in 1912?

2. Who got the last lifeboat and was branded a coward?

3. She was called the Unsinkable Molly Brown, what was her first name?

4. Name the sister ship of the Titanic that was being build at the same time in Belfast.

5. How many ice warnings did the Titanic receive?

6. Who said “we’re dressed and ready to go down, gentlemen?”

7. How many lifeboats were aboard the Titanic?

8. What was the difference between the Titanic and the Olympic?

9. How much was a first class ticket on the Titanic?

10. How much was a third class ticket on the Titanic?

11. Who discovered the Titanic in 1985?

12. What did the clock stand for at the top of the grand stair case according to Bruce Ismay?

13. What was the designer of the Titanic last name?

14. What does R.M.S. stand for?

15. How long was the Titanic?

16. At what speed was the Titanic going when it collided with the iceberg?

17. What other ship was ten miles from the Titanic and never responded to its calls?

Click here for the answers!